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SILVER MARKS ON JEWELRY - Identification & Hallmarks reference

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silver jewelry marksMost silver jewelry is signed with at least two marks, one for the artisan, company or studio that made it (maker's mark) and another to denote its silver content (assay or purity mark).

Silver jewelry makers' marks are usually in the form of a pictorial logo or initials and the vast majority are well-documented and often officially registered as authentic trademarks. In most cases, these marks vary over time and with proper identification they can provide solid clues as to the period a certain item was made.

Assay or purity silver marks can be as simple as a word, e.g. STERLING, or a number, e.g. 925, or even the official Hallmark of the country of origin.

Identifying silver marks on jewelry is essential for appraising their value. Design and style aspects are also key as some jewelers are more popular or famous than others.

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