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Research the value of antiques & collectibles INSTANTLY

  • Antique Furniture & Lamps
  • Fine & Modern Art
  • Porcelain & Pottery
  • Jewelry of all types
  • Sterling Silver & Silverplate
  • Clocks & Decorative Arts
  • Collectible Books & Maps
  • Toys, Dolls & Trains
  • Crystal & Glass
  • Asian Antiques
  • Militaria & Collectible Firearms
  • Rugs & Carpets
  •  Native-American Artifacts
  • Quilts & Ephemera
  •  Brass & Bronze
  • Chinaware & Silverware
  • Photography & Prints
  • Fine Wines
  • Collectible Coins
  • Maritime & Hunting Collectibles
  • Tapestries & Posters

Simply type-in your search terms and compare
with photos of similar items sold at auction

Features include
  • Includes millions of results FOR ALL TYPES of antiques & collectibles  -  see examples
  • SMART SEARCH that compares your search entry with terms used by auctioneers and antiques professionals
  • Includes only items that have actually sold and have been priced for accurate results
  • EASY TO USE and totally PICTORIAL reference with real auction records - see examples

Appraising antiques & collectibles is an activity very similar to appraising real estate.  Both are based on "comps" or "comparables", meaning that in the case of antiques, you must find similar items that have actually sold and then compare prices.  Although many antiques were made in large numbers and it is very possible to find identical items, in  most cases you have to deal with matching results that are very similar.

It is important to note that formal antiques appraisals do not use prices that have not been realized.  In other words, if an item has not sold and a price was given by a seller based on what she or he had paid for the item or for some emotional reasons, then this price cannot be a valid measure of what is its true value.  Only actual sales records, most preferably from a live auction where bidders can compete with each other for an item in an unbiased way, can be taken seriously as comps.  This is how professional appraisers conduct their research.

Our antiques price guide works the exact same way.  We have assembled and arranged millions of actual and real auction results for all categories or types of antiques from hundreds of different reputable auctions.  These results have then been sorted and tabulated in a way that is easy to research.  You can simply type what you are researching and you will instantly get images of all related auction records for you to consider.  You can then select the ones that are similar to your items and view them in  more detail on a separate page for a final determination or evaluation.  All results come with all pertinent information, such as when & where an item was sold, a full description and, of course, the price it sold.

ANYWHERE & ANYTIME  -  Our values guide can be accessed on any device connected to the Internet, including your home or office PC or laptop, your Internet Tablet and your Smart Phone with any browser. All of our reference material and special features function the same way on all devices and there is no need use any special apps or  download any software.

Our records are constantly updated with the most recent auction results and our service is easy and intuitive to use.  There is no need to send us any photos or lengthy descriptions.  All of the information you will need is right there on your screen.  You can also print these records for your reference or include them in a formal appraisal.