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Our journey begun many moons ago when as passionate collectors and active antiques dealers, we soon realized that having fast and accurate information was key to our success.

To this day, only few authoritative resources are available. Most reference books are either specialized and certainly very expensive. The few websites that contain some scant information are also either limited or are designed to sell items or advertising.

Using our decades-long experience and appreciation for the needs of the antiques community on a personal basis, we launched to help our fellow collectors and dealers research Antiques & Collectibles quickly and easily online - see comments by our members...

All of our services are available 24/7 from any computer or device connected to the Internet. We have put together the most accurate and complete information on antiques available in one site and our reference material is constantly updated. Subscribing to our services provides fast visual methods of identifying makers marks, backstamps or hallmarks and appraising your treasures at ONE FLAT RATE and for UNLIMITED SEARCHES

HELP GUARANTEED: Members of our services can contact us at any time for personal assistance. Our specialists are ready to share their knowledge at no extra cost - see examples of research answers to our members on Ceramics marks and Jewelry & Silver marks.

To facilitate an unbiased Antiques research & evaluation environment, no trade (buying or selling) of items is allowed through our services as they are totally dedicated to research.

All of our staff and specialists are avid Collectors, Accredited Appraisers or Dealers.