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Makers’ marks & backstamps to help you identify:

  • China & Dinnerware

  • Porcelain Figurines

  • Porcelain Dolls

  • Chinese & Japanese Porcelain

  • Pottery or Porcelain Vases

  • English Bone China

  • Majolica Ceramics

  • Collectible Porcelain Tiles

  • Bisque Porcelain

  • Faience Pottery

  • Ironstone & Stoneware

  • Studio & Art Pottery

  • Tea or Chocolate Sets

  • Cups & Saucers

  • Steins & Tankards

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  • studio_pottery marks
Features include
  • VISUAL reference with all marks divided in Shape or Letter categories - see examples
  • NAME SEARCH to learn more on each company and see all of their marks on one page - see examples
  • Compare fake marks side-by-side authentic ones
  • Guides to determine the age of your Porcelain, Pottery or Chinaware items

Identifying marks on Porcelain, Pottery or Chinaware has never been easier. What used to be a painstaking job to find matching marks for your treasures using ouliated books or catalogs is now available online at your fingertips. Simply determine the overall shape of the mark on your item and click on the page that lists all backstamps or signatures that look the same.

ANYWHERE & ANYTIME  -  You can use our guides to porcelain or pottery marks on any device connected to the Internet, including your home or office PC or laptop, your Internet Tablet and your Smart Phone with any browser. Our services work on all such devices and there is no need to download or use any special software or apps.

Our databases are constantly updated with the latest research and have proven to be a valuable tool in authenticating or determining the age of porcelain, pottery & chinaware. They are easy and intuitive to use and can save you time and money.

Our specialists are also always on stand-by to answer any of your questions and your communication with us remains private and personal. There is no extra charge to contact our specialists and our HELP GUARANTEE is totally free to members.

Our Fact Sheets for each porcelain company, studio pottery or ceramics artisan can give you a deeper look into their history and enhance your understanding of your items. They include information on when each company was established, how it evolved, the main products they made, details on the decorative styles they used and any other interesting details that can help in your research.

Special or regional terms and style periods are explained using the latest facts to help you describe your items in the best possible light and attract more buyers or gain a better appreciation of the significance of your own collection.