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- Identifying Antiques & Collectibles is more than just the proverbial Art and Science. It is a business. Much of what we now call Antique or Collectible appeals primarily to the artistic side of one’s appreciation and there is also a lot of science involved in making certain Antiques. Yet, one of the main reasons Antiques Dealers or Collectors value their possessions is that they represent financial... READ MORE


- According to Webster’s College Dictionary, an Appraisal is “(a) The act of estimating or judging the nature or value of something or someone, (b) a valuation, as for sale or taxation, (c) an estimate or considered opinion.” If you are into Antiques & Collectibles, it is easy to see why this definition is simplistic and definitely very broad. What about terms like “Fair Market Value”, “Replacement Cost”, “Insurance Value” and so on?... READ MORE

APPRAISALS & ANTIQUES VALUES: Part II – What is an Appraisal?

- In Part I we laid out some common definitions of what most people consider the “value” of an antique or Collectible and how this depends on the intended usage of the evaluation. In this section, we will look into several practices available to Collectors and Dealers to appraise their items, starting with the formal or official Appraisal and then describing several other methods that cost very little and are usually faster... READ MORE

FINE CUT GLASS & CRYSTAL: The Care and Cleaning of Fine Cut Glass

- There is as much difference in the color of glass, meaning only transparent colorless glass or crystal, as there is in the color of diamonds. The beauty and value of antique Glass or Crystal, just like in the case of Precious Stones, are measured very largely by its perfection. Fine antique glass should be of a purity that practically renders it invisible without any trace of yellow or green cast or opacity. Sometimes it will have... READ MORE

CARE, CLEANING and CONSERVATION METHODS for ANTIQUE METAL WARE: Useful tips in restoring Antique Lamps, Clocks, Ormolu, Spelter, Bronze etc

- Another example of an antique which does not benefit from the attempt to restore it to its original state is a piece of old Sheffield plate which shows signs of wear. The color of the metal showing through the silver - this is known technically as 'bleeding' - is to some collectors a point in its character. In any case, replating by modern... READ MORE


- Toys, games and dolls are all of ancient origin. In one form or another all are shown or discussed in the earliest surviving records of all civilized societies, and evidence of their existence is not uncommon in archeologists' digs of pre-historic civilizations. In all societies and in all ages, toys have served a valuable dual function, first as a means of entertainment but... READ MORE


- The best trained painters working in the United States after the War of 1812, Washington Allston, John Vanderlyn, and Samuel F. B. Morse, subscribed to a modification of neo-classical theory then not uncommon in Europe. The doctrine that, because of the superiority of Greek classic society, only the ancients had perfect bodies, had been broadened to postulate that among ordinary... READ MORE


- The best of smooth-bore Muskets of colonial and Revolutionary days were the Charleville muskets of France. From 1717 to 1777, they were constantly being improved. French muskets previous to the model 1763 were extensively used by French troops in this country and Canada during the early colonial wars, and demonstrated their superiority over contemporary British muskets, which remained practically the same from early colonial... READ MORE


- A certain misapprehension has always surrounded the subject of silver from Sheffield. Popular belief holds that it is the same as Sheffield plate. This belief is justified up to a point, for there certainly was an interlocking of interests between silver from Sheffield and Sheffield plate, as the story of Sheffield candlesticks shows. But silver hallmarked with the Sheffield town mark of a crown is of Sterling standard, while the "plate" is a thin layer of silver... READ MORE

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