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CHOOSE FROM 3 RESEARCH SERVICES - you can sign-up for one or two or all three:

  • marks4ceramics - Ceramics makers' marks on porcelain, pottery, chinaware, stoneware, clayware, bisque
  • marks4silver - Metalware makers' marks & hallmarks on jewelry, silver, silverplate, pewter, fashion accessories
  • values4antiques - Appraisal guide with millions of priced results and photos for ALL types of items of any age

HELP GUARANTEED - If you cannot find your marks or have doubts, as a member you can contact our specialists for free and at no additional cost. We are on stand-by to share our knowledge - see some examples of research answers to our members on Ceramics marks and Jewelry & Silver marks.

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CONSTANTLY UPDATED - Our reference guides are accurate, informative and always up-to-date. We check and double-check our information for accuracy and always add new facts as we find them. No need to keep buying the latest editions of specialized and expensive books or pay for new software or App updates.

MARK IDs AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Our marks identification reference guides (see: Ceramics marks guides and Jewelry & Silver marks guides) will help you in deciphering marks, backstamps, markings, hallmarks and other signs or trademarks that reveal who the maker is and when/where your items were made. All marks images in our extensive reference database are displayed in special photo albums that are divided in Shape or Letter Categories to locate them easily and quickly. Special features include advanced research tools such as a NAME SEARCH and an INITIALS SEARCH that can instantly locate your marks in our visual library for any company or studio or by the initials of a Silversmith or Jeweler. Maker's marks & hallmarks are from around the world and span all times or periods and for any decorative or artistic style.

KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE - Learn how to tell a recent reproduction from an authentic antique or vintage item - Our identification guides include recent fake and forged marks to help you determine if your item is genuine or a reproduction. We add more such marks all the time and you can view them side-by-side to the real ones so that you can tell the difference instantly and easily.

EVALUATE YOUR TREASURES & COLLECTIONS - Our appraisal pricing guide (see: values research) uses a sophisticated proprietary program to find auction results that are accurate and timely. View relevant sales records instantly displayed with photos, descriptions, prices, place and date sold. Covers ALL categories of items of all ages, including ordinary & important decoratives or objets de vertu, silver & jewelry, ceramics, artwork or fine art of all types & photography, glass & crystal, furniture & rugs, old & new Asian antiques, scientific instruments & maps, toys or dolls & trains, militaria & collectible firearms, maritime & hunting valuables, memorabilia, and of course antiques of any kind or style and a huge variety of interesting contemporary and vintage collectibles. You can print the results for your records or use as part of a formal appraisal.

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