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Appraisal Values & Pricing Factors for GOUDA POTTERY & GOUDA WARE

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PAIR OF VINTAGE  GOUDA POTTERYNamed after the location where many potteries in Holland produce this style, Gouda ware begun its journey a little over 100 years ago. Although some older factories making functional or utilitarian Clayware, especially clay pipes, existed in the region since the 17thC, potteries making decorative ceramics in large numbers in the form of vases or other vessels and display plates in this manner, first appeared around very late 19thC and continue to this day.

Gouda style is characterized by its colorful floral motifs that at times seem almost abstract. Pronounced flower features and strong outlines against a usually darker background, enhance the overall visual impact and render an impressive work of art. Forms & shapes of most Gouda pottery are mostly regular and smooth. The Art Deco and Art Nouveau aesthetic movements at the turn of the 19th to the 20thC, had a profound effect in fashioning early works in the Gouda style. Newer items seem to have followed these traditions, and although some may be copies of early works, the vast majority of recently produced Gouda ware still maintain their distinct character.

Gouda pottery is very collectible, especially older examples. Some of the most famous Gouda companies include PZH (Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland), Regina, Schoonhoven, Ivora, Goedewaagen (now Royal Goedewaagen) and Zenith. Several studios & designers have also thrived in Gouda, including Cornelis de Lorm, Fris Studio, William Coenrad, Tikko Pottery, t'Bolwerk (Jan van Ham), Jumbo Pottery and many others. Major exporters include Gouda Flora (Flora Keramiek). Makers' marks and ways to identify or determine the age of Gouda ware are available to members of our Ceramics marks guides.

Appraisal values for Gouda pottery depend on age, size, condition and decorative effect are the most important factors that determine their worth. Signed vintage examples are the most desirable and fetch high prices at auction. Below are some examples from our Pricing Guides database.

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  • 614. Gouda Camelia Royal Zuid-Holland Jug,
    ca. 1930's Small jug with two handles. Multi-colored on white ground, circa 1930's. Bottom hallmarked. Apprx 4"T. 75/125 Sold: $92.00 ... [more like this]
  • ZUID-HOLLAND GOUDA; Four vessels: Footed
    bowl and jug in Clareth pattern (1924), Clara vase (1924) and Barbara low bowl (1926), Gouda, Netherlands; All signed with pattern name and Gouda Holland; Jug: 10" Condition ... [more like this]
  • ZUID-HOLLAND GOUDA; Two Yellow vessels: double-handled
    vase and pitcher, Gouda, Netherlands, 1928; Both marked Yellow Plazuid Gouda Holland; Taller: 16" Condition Report: ... [more like this]
  • ZUID-HOLLAND GOUDA; Nine pieces: two Unique
    Metalique vases, Muvlee bowl and pitcher, Deco bulbous vase, Unicum vase, pitcher is raspberry glaze, and two plates by Leendert Muller, Gouda, Netherlands, 1930s-50s; All ... [more like this]
  • ZUID-HOLLAND GOUDA, ETC; Five pieces: Violette
    jug with stopper (1927), double-handled bud vase (1903), Maas creamer (1921), bowl (ca.1910), and Rozenburg gourd-shape vase (1902), Gouda, Netherlands; All marked; Tallest: ... [more like this]
  • ZUID-HOLLAND GOUDA; Seven pieces: Hollandia
    candlestick (1919), Pensee lantern (1921), jug (ca.1910), Goes vessel (1920), Agro chamberstick (ca.1910), Costa chamberstick (1921), and Crocus bowl (1922), Gouda, Netherlands; ... [more like this]
  • ZUID-HOLLAND GOUDA, ETC; Six pieces: Milo
    vase (1928), Tiny jug (1929), Madeleine tazza (1930), Emmy bowl (1926), Bergen dish (ca.1920), and Feo inkwell (1929), Gouda, Netherlands; All marked; Tallest: 9 1/2" Condition ... [more like this]
  • ZUID-HOLLAND GOUDA; Four pieces: Marken vase
    by Adrianus Lansaat, Sana vase, Baldy ewer, and Suled vase, Gouda, Netherlands, ca.1920; All marked with pattern name; Tallest: 9 1/2" Condition Report: ... [more like this]
    bottle-shaped Papaver vase (ca.1910), early jug (1898), and Arnheim Marantha vase (ca.1920), Gouda, Netherlands; All marked; Tallest: 12" Condition Report: ... [more like this]
  • Three Art Pottery Items, 20th century, a
    high gloss Zuid Holland Gouda vase and four-handled bud dish, and a J. Massier handled iridescent pitcher with fish decoration, (damage), ht. to 10 in. Estimate $600-800 ... [more like this]
  • Zuid Holland Gouda Damascus Pattern Pottery
    Jug, Netherlands, c. 1915, with long narrow neck, spherical body, and slender handle, with blue, lilac, and chartreuse design to a green body and matte glaze, with PHZ factory ... [more like this]
  • Zuid Holland Gouda Rhodian Sana Pattern Pottery
    Jug, Netherlands, c. 1915, with yellow, blue, and burnt sienna abstract foliate design, PZH Lazarus Gate factory mark, indistinctly numbered, pattern name, and initialed "GV" ... [more like this]
  • Five Pieces of Zuid Holland Semimatte and
    Matte Glaze Gouda Pottery, Netherlands, first half 20th century, four squat Rhodian jugs with small handles, all with yellow, blue, and rust-colored designs to a green ground, ... [more like this]
  • Zuid Holland Gouda Pottery Matte Glaze Ewer,
    early 20th century, with narrow ribbed neck, slender body, single handle, and flaring foot, decorated with an abstract design in cobalt blue, mustard yellow, burnt sienna, ... [more like this]
  • ZUID-HOLLAND GOUDA; ; Mat jug and vase painted
    with florals and bird, Netherlands ca.1910; Marked; Taller: 12 1/4" Condition Report: ... [more like this]

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