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  • Rookwood 1919 Parrot Trivet Rookwood trivet
    with parrot finished in polychromatic glazes. Marked with Rookwood logo, XIX and the shape number 3077. Two chips to edge and peppering to glaze. 5 1/2" square. Estimate: ... [more like this]
  • Rookwood 1924 Trivet w/ Dutch Woman, Children
    Mint Rookwood trivet from 1924 with scene of Dutch woman and her two children standing near a lake. Marked with Rookwood logo, XXIV and the shape number 3203. Mint. 5 3/4" ... [more like this]
  • Rookwood 1925 Trivet w/ Lady & Umbrella -
    Mint Rookwood trivet from 1925 with a Southern belle and her umbrella. Marked with Rookwood logo, XXV and the shape number 3069. Mint with some factory peppering. 5 3/4" ... [more like this]
  • Rookwood 1930 Polychrome Gull Tea Trivet
    - Mint Rookwood round tea trivet with sea gulls in polychrome matte glaze from 1930. Marked with Rookwood logo, XXX and the shape number 2350. Mint and uncrazed. 6" in diameter. Estimate: ... [more like this]
  • Rookwood Trivet in Mission Oak Frame Rookwood
    gloss blue trivet in handcrafted Mission oak frame. The back of the tile is covered, but we assume it is marked Zonta International Cincinnati June 1954 with Rookwood logo. ... [more like this]
  • 1918 Rookwood Studio Art Pottery Rook Tile
    Trivet: Circa 1918 Rookwood art pottery trivet. Features the form titled Rook. Depicts a crow like bird rendered in a grayish green in a cream and blue ground. Marked with ... [more like this]
  • A Rookwood trivet, 1930. : A Rookwood trivet.
    1930. Crystalline glaze in blues, gold and cream with a floral design. Impressed on bottom, Rookwood mark, XXX, shape 1631 and fan shaped esoteric mark. 3/4"h x 5 3/4"w x ... [more like this]
  • A Rookwood trivet, 1922. : A Rookwood trivet.
    1922. White glaze with geometric design in violet and pink. Impressed on bottom, Rookwood mark, XXII and shape 1212. 1"h x 5 3/4"w x 5 3/4"l. Condition Some crazing in the ... [more like this]
  • ROOKWOOD TRIVET. Round ivory trivet with
    seagulls in flight against a blue background in the center. Marked on the bottom “1907” and early Rookwood mark and “2351”. SIZE: 6” dia. CONDITION: Very good to ... [more like this]
  • Rookwood trivet, woman with a shawl, 1930,
    #3070, 5.5"sq, ground X, uncrazed; with a Rookwood trivet, woman with a green umbrella against a blue background, 1935, #3069, 6"sq ... [more like this]
  • Rookwood trivet colorful Dutch scene 1926
    #3203 6''sq; with a Rookwood trivet colorful Dutch scene 1922 #1819 6''sq ... [more like this]
  • Rookwood trivet from 1930 with floral and
    fern design. Marked with Rookwood logo, XXX, the shape number 3210 and a fan-shaped mark used during Rookwood 50th Anniversary. Mint. 5 5/8" wide. ... [more like this]
  • Rookwood trivet from 1930 with Southern belle.
    Marked with Rookwood logo, XXX, the shape number 3070 and a fan-shaped mark used during Rookwood's Fiftieth Anniversary. Large chip to one corner and smaller chip to one edge. ... [more like this]
  • Rookwood bookends, pair, collie dog covered
    in a brown matt glaze, 1928, #2778, 6"w x 6.25"h, chip to ear of one; with a Rookwood trivet, colorful basket of flowers and butterflies, 1930, #3206, 5.5"sq.; with a Rookwood ... [more like this]
  • ROOKWOOD/ROSSMAN/AETCO etc. Six assorted
    tile objects: two Rookwood trivets, one with a parrot, the other with a flower; rare Rossman tile with snake charmer (glaze bubbles); AETCO covered box with Chinese scene ... [more like this]
  • MURESQUE/ROOKWOOD Two tiles: Muresque horizontal
    panel with an English countryside scene, 6" x 12", and Rookwood trivet with an indigo rook on trellis background, 1925, 6", each mounted in an Arts and Crafts frame. Both ... [more like this]
    two Royal Delft (De Porceleyne Fles) with owl under moon and stars and rooster crowing at dawn; Rookwood trivet with rooster. All marked. 4 1/4" sq. and 5 3/4" sq. ... [more like this]
  • Rookwood trivet from 1925 with stylized plant
    motif. Marked with Rookwood logo, XXV and the shape number 3204. Mint. 5 5/8" square. ... [more like this]
  • Rookwood trivet in blue gloss. Marked with
    Rookwood logo LII and shape number 1212. Mint. 5 3/4'' square. ... [more like this]
  • Rookwood trivet from 1927 with a Southern
    Belle. Marked with Rookwood logo XXVII and the shape number 3070. Mint. 5 3/4'' square. ... [more like this]

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