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  • 5 Ivory Okimono and Netsuke Figures 5 Carved
    Ivory Okimono and Netsuke Figures, including man with flowers and a fisherman, both signed, together with netsukes carved as a dragon, Buddha, and 2 figures riding a turtle ... [more like this]
    SHIZU, MEIJI PERIOD the elderly Go player seated with one arm resting on the chess board, with red lacquer signature within a square cartouche to the base, 6cm wide; together ... [more like this]
  • CARVED IVORY OKIMONO Finely carved, ivory
    okimono of a standing beauty holding a staff and wearing elaborately detailed kimono, signed, early 20th Century; H: 8" (age cracks, losses, minor repairs) ... [more like this]
  • Japanese Polychromed Painted Ivory OkimonoDelicately
    polychromed lacquered early 20th century Japanese ivory okimono of a traditional beauty dressed in ornate kimono with lotus blossom crashing waves and other designs and wearing ... [more like this]
    of a fisherman, signed, Meiji period, another okimono in the form of a figure with double rope and gourd, signed, Meiji period, and one other small Japanese ivory okimono ... [more like this]
    MEIJI PERIOD carved on a lobed base with two seated figures engaged playing Go, a third figure standing and watching the game, their facial features rendered with great ... [more like this]
    carved, old polychromed ivory okimono of a canary perched on a cherry blossom branch with ivory buds, signed; L: 4" (bird only) ... [more like this]
  • CARVED IVORY OKIMONO Very finely carved,
    sectional ivory okimono group of a crane trying to steal fish from an alarmed fisherman with a barking dog by his side; H: 9 1/2"; standing on wood "deck" inset with signed ... [more like this]
  • Japanese ivory okimono and mixed metalstand
    signed, late 19th century and later The ivory okimono of a male wood collector is well carved, together with a mixed metal bronze flower arranging stand. Ivory H: 5 ... [more like this]
  • Three Japanese ivory carvings Including
    one tinted ivory okimono of a monkey (losses), together with two ivory netsuke genre studies of figures. the okimono: 2 1/2in high ... [more like this]
  • A Carved Ivory Okimono of a Man with an Axe
    Fully carved ivory okimono of a peasant jumping on one leg while holding an axe; attached to carved ivory base in the shape of the rock; applied pigment to emphasize the details. ... [more like this]
    Japanese ivory Okimono, squatting boy with mirror box, late 19th Century, a father/scholar with open book and infant, and ivory netsuke Ebisu with fish, 19th/20th Century, ... [more like this]
  • ANTIQUE IVORY OKIMONO Finely detailed, small
    antique carved ivory okimono of an old farmer with wicker hat and pipe on soil-textured base, inlaid seal, signed, Circa 1900 (chip and repair); H: 3 1/2" ... [more like this]
  • ANTIQUE IVORY OKIMONO Finely detailed, antique
    carved (marine) ivory okimono of a laughing bearded man riding a large rat, inlaid eyes, late 19th Century; L: 3" (age cracks) ... [more like this]
  • TWO ANTIQUE IVORY OKIMONO Two antique netsuke-size
    carved ivory okimono: Daikoku with mallet and sack standing on two rice balls, inlaid lacquer seal, signed Shuzan, Circa 1900; H: 2 1/2" (age cracks); together with a seated ... [more like this]
  • ANTIQUE IVORY OKIMONO Antique and very amusing,
    sectional ivory okimono of a man with hoe running and chasing his hat being blown by the wind (minor old flaws), late 19th Century, signed and with seal; L: 11 1/2", lucite ... [more like this]
  • ANTIQUE IVORY OKIMONO Very finely detailed,
    antique Tokyo School-type ivory okimono of a woman with two small children, signed, Circa 1900 (something possibly missing from pipe); H: 6" ... [more like this]
  • ANTIQUE IVORY OKIMONO Charming and well carved,
    antique Japanese Tokyo School carved ivory okimono of a boy carrying a younger child on his shoulders, signed, Circa 1900 (some crazing and backside somewhat darker); H: 7 ... [more like this]
  • IVORY OKIMONO OF JUROJIN Carved Tokyo School-style
    ivory okimono of Jurojin in detailed robes and hat; holding a staff in one hand and scroll in the other, a crane in front of him, signed on inset plaque (minor wear); H: 9", ... [more like this]
  • CARVED IVORY OKIMONO Well carved, ivory okimono
    of a nicely stained recumbent bullock curled up, with well polished hooves, inscribed Tomokazu; L: 3" ... [more like this]

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