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  • Fulper Art Pottery Vase, rich seafoam green
    glaze, 9" diameter, 6" tall, excellent. ... [more like this]
  • Bactrian Leaded Bronze Pitcher w/ Bull Head
    Spout: Ancient Central Asia, Bactria, ca. 2500 to 2000 BCE. An exemplary leaded bronze pitcher presenting a discoid foot, a short, cylindrical leg, a tear-drop form body, ... [more like this]
  • Moche Copper Mask & Jar w/ Turquoise & Silver
    Necklace: Pre-Columbian, northern Peru, Moche culture, ca. 300 to 500 CE. A remarkable set of three Moche artifacts; a fascinating copper burial mask, a turquoise and silver ... [more like this]
  • Costa Rican Jade Axe God Pendant w/ Incredible
    Details: Pre-Columbian, Central America, Costa Rica, Guanacaste/Nicoya region, ca. 200 to 600 CE. A very large and well-preserved standing anthropomorphic axe god figure, ... [more like this]
  • Maya Jade Necklace + 2 Jadeite Earspools,
    ex-Harner: Pre-Columbian, Southern Mexico to Guatemala, Maya, Late Classic Period, ca. 550 to 900 CE. An exemplary set of Maya adornments; a lovely jade necklace and two ... [more like this]
  • WEDGWOOD LUSTRE VASE. Beautiful Wedgwood
    Lustre vase has rich red lustre over blue on the exterior of the vase and a seafoam green lustre on the interior. Exterior is decorated with gold gilt butterflies and dragons ... [more like this]
  • TIFFANY POINSETTIA TABLE LAMP. A truly outstanding
    Tiffany poinsettia shade has wonderfully mottled dichroic background glass surrounding finely executed poinsettias in rich deep reds, mottled pinks and purples. The border ... [more like this]
    large Titania vase has beautiful swirling rich raspberry coloration at the foot shading to a wonderful seafoam green at the top. Vase is beautifully overlaid with sterling ... [more like this]
  • Fulper Pottery Arts & Crafts Vase rich mottled
    flambe blue & seafoam green drip glaze signed 9'' excellent. ... [more like this]
  • Ancient Trujillo Greenstone Bat Wing Pectoral:
    Pre-Columbian, Venezuela, Trujillo, ca. 1000 CE. A large striking bat pectoral, carefully carved from greenstone presenting rich verdant hues with seafoam green and creamy ... [more like this]
  • Persian Achaemenid Copper Bowl Helmet Form:
    Ancient Near East, Achaemenid Persian Empire, ca. 550 to 330 BCE. A well-formed cast-copper bowl with a circular base and bulbous form corseted half way up to form straight ... [more like this]
  • Luristan Bronze Master of Animals Finial:
    Ancient Near East, northwestern Iran, Luristan, ca. 1000 to 600 BCE. A gorgeous cast bronze tubular standard finial in the form of a highly stylized "master of animals". With ... [more like this]
  • Roman Lead Key Ring - Wearable as Pendant!:
    Roman, Imperial period, ca. 1st to 3rd century CE. A delightful cast-lead tin alloy key exhibiting a loop at one end for attachment to a ring and a rectangular body that slightly ... [more like this]
  • 20th C. Spratling Silver Cuff w/ Olmec Stone
    Maskette: **First Time At Auction**. . (Silver cuff) William Spratling (American, 1900-1967), Mexico, 20th century. (Maskette) Pre-Columbian, Southern Mexico to Guatemala, ... [more like this]
  • Luristan Bronze Dagger - Gorgeous Patina!:
    Ancient Near East / Anatolia, eastern Turkey and northwestern Iran, Luristan culture, ca. 1000 to 600 BCE. A striking cast-bronze slender dagger with a pointed, recessed blade ... [more like this]

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