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Hutschenreuther porcelain marksIdentifying Hutschereuther porcelain marks can be challenging, especially when it comes to determining age and date of manufacture. The difficulty stems from the fact that in its present form, the company is a fairly recent merger of two companies and the result of successive acquisitions of several other smaller porcelain makers & studios. This is typical of many German factories since the 19thC, or even earlier, as the market for European porcelain expanded exponentially once antique and original Chinese imports became more expensive to transport and Western companies increased their output of locally produced chinaware and decorative pottery to satisfy demand.

The primary location for most Hutschenreuther factories was centered around Selb in Bavaria, Germany. There were and still are many Bavarian porcelain makers whose products were made exclusively for export, particularly to the United States starting around the turn of the 20thC century (ca 1900 and beyond). These German porcelains are marked with importers' or retailers' logos, but many companies who had already acquired a strong reputation for fine quality, signed their wares with their own brand as is the case for Hutschenreuther.

Here are some key company facts that can help you appreciate porcelain marked with the various Hutschenreuther logos:

  • L. [LORENZ] HUTSCHENREUTHER - ca 1857 to 1969 (Lorenz was son of Carl Magnus)
  • Primary products - Porcelain figurines, porcelain vases, chinaware, tableware, tea-sets, coffee sets, cups & saucers, hotel & restaurant ware, decorative porcelain & pottery
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