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DAUM-NANCY ART GLASS & CRYSTAL - History & Appraisal Values

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Founded in 1878 by Jean Daum [b.1825 - d.1885] in the town of Nancy, France, DAUM STUDIO, often also referred to as simply Daum-Nancy, is one of the most influential Art Glass & Crystal makers known to this date. Yet, in its very early days, production was centered around clear glass tableware and particularly stem ware. It was not until the mid-1890s that Daum-Nancy begun venturing into crafting artistic glass objects of primarily decorative intent.

In spite of its successive ownership after Jean's death by his sons Auguste and Antonin, the company strengthened its presence in the world of luxury glass & crystal while, along with Emile Galle, exerted a dominant influence in the aesthetic movements and decorative styles of the period. Most prized and desirable Daum-Nancy collectibles date from around the turn of the century, ca 1890s - 1910s. Employing several hundreds of skilled labor and some very accomplished artisans & designers, the company used continually updated manufacturing techniques, yet maintained a high standard of craftsmanship that rendered every output as a work of art. Having further mastered the fabrication methods for p√Ęte de verre (glass paste) and cameo work, Daum-Nancy gained a notable standing among the most innovative glass producers of all time.

The company is still in business - Daum-Nancy official website - and continues in the original tradition of high quality luxury Crystal & Glass. A defining event for the company was its award of the Grand Prix medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

The use of vivacious colors and innovative gracious shapes as well as applying dainty artwork, contributed in Daum-Nancy achieving a remarkable reputation that to this day remains strong and demands high evaluations at appraisal clinics or auction sales. In terms of values for collectible vintage Daum-Nancy ware, the most precious items seem to date from their 1900 to 1930s era, especially those in the Art Nouveau style, with their flowing designs and elegant flair. Below, you will find some examples from our Pricing Guides.

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