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  • Group of Nine Bisque Dolls, comprising one
    boy doll with swivel head, molded and painted blond hair, painted face, all-bisque body, white and blue knit playsuit with red bow, signed on back of neck UFDC 2001 Helen ... [more like this]
  • FIVE SMALL DOLLS (4-1/2” TO 6-1/2” HT).
    This lot contains three all bisque dolls and two bisque-headed dolls with composition bodies. One all bisque doll has swivel neck, close mouth, glass eyes, other two all bisque ... [more like this]
  • Nine Assorted Small Dolls, including an all-bisque
    doll marked "720 3" to back of head; an all-bisque doll with sleeping eyes marked "6248 L GERMANY" to shoulders; an Armand Marseille bisque-head sleeping-eyed doll with jointed ... [more like this]
  • Twenty Assorted Miniature Bisque Dolls, late
    19th/early 20th century, Germany and Japan, six jointed all-bisques, bisque Frozen Charlotte (damaged), boy in romper suit jointed at shoulders, painted bisque bent-limb baby, ... [more like this]
  • Miscellaneous dolls: Miscellaneous dolls,
    to include Black Americana composition with leatherette arms and legs, 14" h. , Nippon bisque head doll, small bisque head doll, all bisque doll, two composition Oriental ... [more like this]
  • Collection of Assorted Dolls and Doll Parts,
    including five German bisque head dolls, one an intact Kestner socket head with bisque shoulder plate, partial cloth body, doll head ht. 6; a Queen Louise, AM 390, large Handwerck; ... [more like this]
  • LOT OF SIX BISQUE DOLLS. Lot includes 8”
    blonde china shoulder head doll; 6” shoulder head doll with molded blonde hair and blue bows; 5” all bisque doll with painted eyes, stationary neck and blonde wig; 5 1/2” ... [more like this]
  • Group of Dolls, A.M.1894 with jointed composition
    body, ht. 19 1/4; Heubach Kopplesdorf 250 bisque doll with open mouth, five-piece composition body, and regional costume, ht. 11 1/4; German bisque doll with open mouth, jointed ... [more like this]
  • DOLLS: Collection of 8+ small dolls, including:
    7" all bisque gentleman with clothes sewn on, with stand; 8" Composition Kewpie, with label, loss of finish; 5" all bisque doll, undressed, chips on leg joints; 6" bisque ... [more like this]
  • Three bisque dolls: Three bisque dolls,
    to include a Wiesel & Co. , with sleep eyes, open mouth and leather kid body, 18" h. , a bisque shoulder head doll, incised 1260 Germany, with sleep eyes, open mouth, kid ... [more like this]
  • Four small bisque head dolls: Four small
    bisque head dolls, to include an Armand Marseille doll, with red outfit and fixed paperweight eyes, 10" h. , K star R Halbig doll, with sleep eyes, 7 1/2" h. , all bisque ... [more like this]
  • Large Group of Doll Wigs, Doll Reference
    Books, and Stands, approx. fifty-four assorted doll wigs, several wig segments, and pate foundations; approx. seventeen doll reference books, a selection including Dolls, ... [more like this]
  • A bisque headed German "Pansy" doll with
    ball jointed composition body, by Schoenau & Hoffmeister, height, 62cm, a Simon & Halbig bisque headed doll, a Strobel & Wilken ditto, four other bisque headed dolls, a French ... [more like this]
  • Circa 1910-1915 Horsman doll. Composition
    head with tinted and molded hair, sleep eyes, painted eyelashes, eyebrows and open mouth with two teeth. Stuffed cloth body with composition arms and legs. Back of head ... [more like this]
  • Lot of Small Antique Dolls. All are German.
    Two all bisque 1920s flappers, all original; all bisque slender girl with glass eyes; three all-bisques with painted eyes; china frozen charlotte, bisque head doll house doll ... [more like this]
  • China Head and Bisque Dolls Continental (probably
    German). Doll with porcelain head blue eyes black upswept hair wearing period clothing over leather body missing finger one leg detached. Bisque boy doll with glass eyes and ... [more like this]
    Lot includes an all bisque ''Mibs'' type doll two painted bisque dolls cloth doll and a jointed celluloid doll also includes fine glazed half dolls and bisque half doll. Largest ... [more like this]
  • Hertwig & Co miniature bisque dolls on original
    cards Including two lady shoulder head dolls with painted features, moulded hair and on cloth bodies with bisque lower arms and legs, wearing original clothes, 18cm (7in) ... [more like this]
  • Lot of Antique Small Doll Items, including
    a German all bisque doll with closed mouth (head detached), 4 German all bisque dolls with painted eyes, Japanese all bisque Betty Boop type doll, Japanese Geisha girl, seated ... [more like this]
  • Two Small Bisque Head Dolls, one open-mouth
    all bisque doll, unmarked, with sleeping blue glass eyes, fixed blonde wig, articulated body, molded and painted socks and shoes, and beige dress, ht. 7; and a Simon & Halbig ... [more like this]

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