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Although this notation on items sold through Marshall Fields is in its most generic format, the name was changed in 1982 to Marshall Field's (with an apostrophe and an s at the end), so we know they are earlier than that. In our opinion, they date ca 1910s - 1940s, first because most Metalware or Silverware items made prior to that were manufactured by WENDELL who used their own logo (see ourNAME SEARCH for Marshall Fields) and no later than 1940s based on their style. They are most likely Silverplate, otherwise they would also have the notation STERLING somewhere on the items.


These "S BRS B" initials are for SYDENHAM BROS from Birmingham, UK. They were in operation ca 1900 - 1920s and produced mostly Souvenir Spoons and small Accessories. If you use our NAME SEARCH for Sydenham, you will see several other marks they used and their various cooperations with others.

The number 1544 is the Model Number. Your nice Biscuit Box is Silverplated. The reddish color that seems to be visible through the Plate is Copper, a Base Metal. To learn more, please see our article on Sterling Silver & Silverplated Antiques: Understanding Sterling Silver of Silverplate and related terms


In this case, the main Hallmark is that of Chester - see our "Recognizing Country Hallmarks" through our EXTRA HELP section. This mark was used ca 1782 - 1962 (on the same page you will also find all UK Hallmarks from 13thC to Present and those of other countries).

You are also correct that this is a "Lion Passant Guardant", which was the Standard Hallmark for .925 Sterling Silver in the UK ca 1544 - 1831 except for 1697 - 1720.  The initials marks are those of the makers or the Retailers.  In this case, they refer to SIMON JOUET from London (UK). The K mark in this case dates your Sterling Silver Spoons to around 1808.

In this case, you can also use our INITIAL SEARCH for these initials to find your maker's mark faster. If one or more of these initials is hard to read, please use a ? in its place to see all possible combinations.


Yes, this was indeed made in Spain. PEREZ HNOS (means PEREZ HERMANOS as in PEREZ BROS or BROTHERS) were a very high-end Fine Retailers located in Seville, Spain, ca late 19th - early 20thC. The majority of their items were made to order by fine manufacturers usually from the UK and most times these manufacturers did not necessarily mark these pieces with their own maker's marks.


In this case, 18K means 18 carats of Gold. As you probably know, Gold is usually applied as 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K or 24K. Basically, 24K is equivalent to 100% Pure Gold. Therefore, 18K is equivalent to approx. 75%.

You will find the Eagle Head mark on our "Recognizing Country Hallmarks" page through our EXTRA HELP section. It was used ca 1838 to Present on Gold in France. This means that your lovely Cuff Links are of French origin and the Gold is Guaranteed to be 18 carats.

The initials maker's mark, either BE or EE with a little diamond in the middle, refer to basically the same makers, as follows:

  • BE for MAISON BLOCH-ESCHWEGE (Paris, France) - ca 1921 - 1943, or
  • EE for ERNEST ESCHWEGE (Paris, France) - ca 1890s - 1921 [one of the founding partners in the Maison above; "Maison" means "House" in French]

BLOCH-ESCHWEGE are regarded as some of the best and very elegant Jewelers in Paris ca early 20thC.


The notation 750 on Gold, which corresponds to 18K, was used primarily by Department Stores in the USA ca early to mid 20thC. Your Bracelet was probably made by a Manufacturing Jewelers and was distributed by JOHN WANAMAKER that later became Macys and whose marks appear on your item.  Please use our NAME SEARCH for Wanamaker to see more marks related to this company. Hard to tell on the style, it has a definite Greco-Roman appearance, very 1940s to 1960s.


Yes, this is indeed a DICK MIKE YAZZIE piece. Please use ourNAME SEARCH for YAZZIE to see the initials mark you mentioned. This mark was used ca 1974 onwards.


This mark is included in our database and is listed as METALLURGIC ART Co. (Baltimore, MD), ca 1895 - 1901. Please use ourNAME SEARCH for Metallurgic Art Co. to view it faster.


The only mark we can see in the photos of this lovely Silver Cross, is the British Registration Diamond. This symbol was applied to mark the date that this particular design was officially registered with the Patent Authorities in Great Britain. In this case, your item was registered in 1872 and made very shortly thereafter.

We cannot see any other marks or hallmarks on your piece to indicate the maker or even whether it is Sterling Silver or not. If there are any other marks, please let us know and we will be happy to research them for you if you can't find them on our website.

To use our huge database of Silver & Jewelry makers' marks and hallmarks, including marks on other Precious metals, Pewter and other collectible Metalware, please see our Silver & Jewelry or Pewter Marks Identification Guides.

To find prices and determine values for your antiques & collectibles, including Jewelry & Silver or Pewter, please see our Antiques Price Guides with millions of examples of items sold at auction.

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antique sterling silver spoons goldwashed
A set of "Goldwashed" antique Sterling Silver Serving Spoons
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A typical Navajo silver jewelry bracelet with semi-precious stones
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