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Appraise and find makers marks for Staffordshire Plate

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    ca 1830, watercolor and ink on paper, signed Nancy Perry. An inscription in the upper portion reads: Miss Nancy Perry painted/ Bell/ Will you lay this by his side then consent ... [more like this]
    BORDER-CIRCULAR CENTER, DARK- BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATE, ENOCH WOOD & SONS. Impressed "WOOD," printed title, eagle, shield and banner mark in underglaze-blue. Diameter ... [more like this]
  • 20th C. American Frontier Tunic - Beads,
    Shells, Horns: North America, United States, ca. mid to late 20th century CE. A frontier man’s attire; a simple cloth shirt tunic with stitched on tassels, strung clay ... [more like this]
    WWI-WWII, AMERICAN, ALLIED, GERMAN, JAPANESE.This archive is a lifelong collection of the consignor who has a publishing company and had hoped to publish photo history books ... [more like this]
  • Very Rare Huge Opal Ammolite, Bitten by Mosasaur:
    North America, Alberta, Canada, upper-Cretaceous period, 70 to 75 million years ago. A huge ammolite - a fossilized shell of an extinct sea creature known as an ammonite, ... [more like this]
  • Murchison (Sir Roderick Impey baronet geologist
    and geographer 1792-1871) On Earthquakes autograph manuscript 14pp. some corrections some in pencil folds slightly browned first f. loose unbound docketed: "Read in the Newry ... [more like this]
  • Late Cretaeceous Troodon Dinosaur Eggs, Clutch
    of 11: North America or Siberia, Late Cretaceous period, ca. 77. 5 to 76. 5 million years ago. A clutch of eleven Troodon eggs, beautifully preserved in their reddish-brown ... [more like this]
  • Miniature Inca Silver Female Figure / Capacocha:
    Pre-Columbian, Peru, Inca, ca. 1400 to 1533 CE. A female figurine - created to honor Pachamama (Earth Mother) - made from hammered high quality silver sheet (97% silver) and ... [more like this]
  • Early 20th C. Sulawesi Wood Ancestral Tau
    Tau - Female: Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Sulawesi Island, Toraja people, ca. early to mid 20th century CE. A haunting, near-lifesize wooden ancestral figure - known as a ... [more like this]
    Burgess was an American artist and illustrator (1890-1961) and illustrator who worked for the American Lithograph Co. in Brooklyn, NY. This exact painting was the original ... [more like this]
  • Colonel Francis Parker 32nd Massachusetts
    Volunteers Civil War Archive 38 war-date letters 1860-1862. During the first days of the secession crisis in December 1860 Francis J. Parker wrote to Massachusetts Gov. John ... [more like this]
    England, 2nd quarter-19th century. Both with shell borders, impressed "E. Wood & Sons...". "View of the Trenton Falls", 7.5"d., and "Pine Orchard House, Catskill Mountains". ... [more like this]
  • Zhan Jianjun (China, B. 1931): Zhan Jianjun
    (Chinese, B. 1931) "Morning Clouds Above the Stone Forest" Oil on Canvas. Provenance: Collection of James A. Helzer (1946-2008), Founder of Unicover Corporation. . . This ... [more like this]
  • Inca Polychrome Offering Dish: Pre-Columbian,
    Peru, Inca, ca. 1400 to 1533 CE. A hand-built and beautifully decorated shallow polychrome pottery dish. The dish rests on a flat base and the walls flare upward to a wide ... [more like this]
  • 20th C. Sulawesi Wood Ancestral / Tau Tau
    Figures (pr): Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Sulawesi Island, Toraja people, ca. first half of the 20th century CE. A fine pair of nearly life-sized wooden ancestral figures ... [more like this]
  • Mixtec Pottery Tripod Strainer w/ Quetzalcoatl
    Insignia: Pre-Columbian, Valley of Mexico, Mixtec people, ca. 1200 to 1500 CE. A pottery strainer featuring a broad, circular rim atop a shallow basin that stands on three ... [more like this]

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