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  • Antique bisque-head Kestner doll cloth body
    marked on back of head 151DEP 5. 16 inches high ... [more like this]
  • Collection of Assorted Dolls and Doll Parts,
    including five German bisque head dolls, one an intact Kestner socket head with bisque shoulder plate, partial cloth body, doll head ht. 6; a Queen Louise, AM 390, large Handwerck; ... [more like this]
  • Lot of 5: German Bisque Dolls. Description
    Germany, Ca. 1900. Bisque shoulder head Kestner doll, sleeping eyes, original mohair wig, kid body with bisque lower arms, original dress, vintage undies. Bisque shoulder ... [more like this]
    charming doll. A collaboration of a SFBJ bisque head and an early Kestner straight-wristed body obviously put together by a mother many, many years ago. This brown glass-eyed, ... [more like this]
    18'' boy doll dressed in blue velvet suit with blonde hair and sleepy blue eyes with lashes. Marked Made in K. Germany, J.D.K. #237, Ges gesch, N. 1070. He has a cloth ... [more like this]
  • Lot of 3: Baby Dolls. Description Kestner
    Century Baby with bisque head, set glass eyes, pouty mouth, cloth body with compo hands; Century Doll Co. composition head baby with cloth body and compo hands; B.P. 585 bisque ... [more like this]
  • Early Composition and Three Bisque Head Dolls,
    Germany, composition shoulder head girl, brown glass set eyes, closed mouth, cloth body, composition lower arms, ht. 16; open mouth shoulder head bisque on kid and cloth body, ... [more like this]
  • TWO BISQUE HEAD BABY DOLLS: Kammer & Reinhardt
    for Simon & Halbig, #122, socket head doll with mohair wig, blue sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, on composition body, 12"H; and Kestner Century Doll, swivel head with ... [more like this]
    with blue glass fixed eyes and painted features on cloth body having composition arms, nicely dressed. Marked: Century Doll Co., Kestner, Germany. Height 17 inches. ... [more like this]
    early 20th century. Stationary painted brown eyes molded and brushstroked hair partially open mouth and composition body. Back of head is marked ''JDK 14 / Made in Germany''. ... [more like this]
  • (lot of 5) German dolls including two Bye-Lo
    baby dolls, one by Armand Marseille having a realistic painted dome head and face set with blue sleep eyes and an open mouth, on a cloth body with composition hands, 11.5"l; ... [more like this]
  • One Small China and Four Bisque Head Dolls,
    Japan and Germany, small blonde-haired china boy on cloth body; closed mouth shoulder head lady marked 123-4, cloth body with bisque limbs, ht. 9; Heubach Koppelsdorf with ... [more like this]
  • Five German Bisque Dolls, late 19th/early
    20th century, Baby Betty 3/o, Heubach 275 - 4/o and Kestner 154 shoulder head dolls with jointed kid bodies, bisque hands, two with weighted and two with fixed glass eyes; ... [more like this]
  • Smiling Bru Fashion and Kestner Child Under
    Dome, late 19th century, period vignette enclosed in a glass dome with ebonized wood ogee-shaped base, featuring a moss covered landscape with a tree stump and two protruding ... [more like this]
  • COLLECTION OF FIVE DOLLS: 1 Kestner bisque
    shoulder head doll, #154, with blond wig, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, and kidd body, 21.5"H; 1 Heinrich Handwerck bisque shoulder head doll, #1900, having brown wig, blue ... [more like this]
  • (lot of 9) Diminutive French and German Bisque
    dolls, including a male doll with moving blue googly eyes, on a cloth body, dressed i... dolls, including a male doll with moving blue googly eyes, on a cloth body, dressed ... [more like this]
  • (lot of 3) German bisque head dolls (lot
    of 3) German bisque head dolls, consisting of an Armand Marseille doll having a socket head with brown glass sleep eyes, painted lashes, feathered brows, shaded nostrils, ... [more like this]
    (1) 21” glass eye closed mouth turned shoulder head doll is incised “L,” attributed to Kestner. She is on a leather body jointed at hips and gusseted at the knee, with ... [more like this]
  • Lot of 3: German Bisque Child Dolls. Description
    Largest is a GK 165 doll on a five-piece composition body wearing an original blonde mohair wig and organdy dress. Also includes a glass eyed shoulder head doll with molded ... [more like this]
  • A Kestner German 26in. Bisque Head Doll,
    19th/20th Century, 19th/20th Century, Marked M. on back. Having a jointed cloth body with bisque hands, painted eyebrows, eyelashes and lips with open mouth and exposed ... [more like this]

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