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Transformers Megatron AFA Encased. 

Transformers Megatron AFA Encased. Hasbro. Decepticon leader Megatron is in excellent condition and kept in a slide bottom AFA case. Megatron is able...

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  • Transformers Weirdwolf AFA 85. Hasbro.
    Rare grade and difficult to find late Transformers line toy. Weirdwolf transforms into a mostly yellow robotic wolf. A clear red canopy on his back opens to reveal a cockpit/storage ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Grotusque AFA 85. Hasbro.
    Difficult to find late Transformers line toy. Grotusque transforms into a robotic winged saber-toothed cat-like monster. Pressing a button on the back of his beast-mode neck ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Micromasters AFA Jets & Cars
    Set. Hasbro. Uncommon Transformers Micromasters sets, both in near mint AFA 85 condition. Often these modestly priced and late production Transformers are the toughest characters ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Megatron AFA Encased. Hasbro.
    Decepticon leader Megatron is in excellent condition and kept in a slide bottom AFA case. Megatron is able to transform into a Walther P38, delivering more focused energy ... [more like this]
  • Transformers AFA Hardhead. Hasbro. AFA
    encased Transformers Hardhead in new condition. Hardhead transforms into a Cybertronian tank and comes with his Headmaster, Duros, who can ride inside his cockpit. Mint toy ... [more like this]
  • Transformers AFA 85 Highbrow. Hasbro. AFA
    encased Transformers Highbrow in new condition. Highbrow transforms into a Cybertronian helicopter with twin rotors. His partner, Gort, changes into his head. AFA 85. Condition ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Doublecross AFA 90. Hasbro.
    This is probably the best graded example of Transformers Doublecross in the world. Late G1 toys like this are the current rage, as they have not been reissued. Condition ... [more like this]
  • Transformers AFA 80 Tailgate. Hasbro. Transformers
    Tailgate is an early G1 robot and nearly new, sealed and cared in AFA 80 condition. Condition (Near Mint Plus). Size Box: 7 - 3/4" x 5 - 1/2". ... [more like this]
  • Alternators Transformers AFA 85 Swerve. Hasbro.
    Transformers Alternators Swerve may be the most difficult to find toy of the entire line. It appeared only briefly on toy shelves and is in a transition period of packaging. Condition ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Starscream AFA 70. Hasbro.
    Transformers Starscream is one of the most collected characters in the world. This toy is sealed on both sides and AFA encased. Condition (Near Mint). Size Box: 9 - 1/4" ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Chromedome AFA 85. Hasbro.
    Premium late Transformers character and premium condition toy. Condition (Near Mint Plus). Size Box: 9" x 9 - 3/4". ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Kickback AFA 90. Hasbro. Grasshopper
    robo Kickback was the robot adept at blackmail in the Transformers series. Shrapnel is an extra sharp AFA 90, complete, and sealed. Condition (Near Mint Plus). Size Box: ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Machine Wars Optimus Prime AFA
    85. Hasbro. Driving under the radar, this Machine Wars Optimus was one of the few Machine Wars Transformers that held a candle to early G1 toys. Optimus was actually a re-colored ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Squalktalk & Beastbox AFA 80.
    Hasbro. Transformer Squalkbox in AFA sealed condition. The Decepticon cassettes Squawktalk and Beastbox were packaged together, and combined to form the humanoid robot Squawkbox. Condition ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Hot Rod +3 Set AFA70. From
    Takara Japan's release of Transformers Armada line comes this set featuring Hot Rod and Air Defense Mini Con team (known as Hotshot in his Hasbro release on the other side ... [more like this]
  • Microman Browning 1910 AFA 90. Hasbro.
    Super premium AFA 90 grade pre-Transformers gun robot. Years later this toy was released in Japan only as a Transformer D-308, Browning. Condition (Near Mint Plus). Size ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Bombshell AFA 75. Hasbro.
    Japanese rhinoceros beetle Bombshell was known for mind control in the Transformers series. This toy is complete, sealed and professionally graded by AFA. Condition (Near ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Wheeljack AFA 80. Hasbro.
    Early pre rub version of Transformers Wheeljack. AFA sealed 80. Condition (Near Mint Plus). Size Box: 7 - 1/4" x 8 - 1/2". ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Broadside AFA 80. Hasbro.
    Broadside is a challenging to find triple change. This sealed toy was found as unused inventory in the mid-1990s. Condition (Near Mint Plus). Size Box: 7 - 1/2" x 8 - 1/2". ... [more like this]
  • Transformers Jetfire AFA 85. Hasbro. This
    may be the premier AFA offering and a pride of the Robot-Japan collection. This AFA85 Jetfire may be the best in the world. Condition (Near Mint Plus). Size Box: 14 - 1/2" ... [more like this]

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