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NETSUKE AND CARVINGS Ten ivory and bone netsuke
© RAGO ARTS & AUCTION CENTER, Lambertville, New Jersey, USA

NETSUKE AND CARVINGS Ten ivory and bone netsuke or carvings, 20th C., including: Ashinaga and Tenaga, oneman sitting atop the other's shoulders and holding... [this item is NOT for sale]

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    1) Articulated face ivory man signed 1 5/8''. 2) Bone man with monkey signed 1 5/8''. 3) Bone man with basket singed 1 3/8'' h. 4) Bone man with turtle signed 1 1/2'' h. 5) ... [more like this]
  • Group of 8 tinted and carved ivory/bone netsukes. 20th
    century. ++ Man with frogs. 1 1/2"h. ++ Praying baby. 1" ++ Scholar. 1 3/4"h. ++ Man with flowers. 1 1/2"h. ++ Two figures. 1 1/2"w. ++ Bearded man. 1 1/2"h. ++ Man with tablet. ... [more like this]
  • Group of 7 etched and carved ivory/bone netsukes. 20th
    century. ++ Kinko on his karp. Signed. 1 1/2"l. ++ Squirrel. 1"h. ++ Dog. 1 1/4"l. ++ Animal with shell. Signed. 1"h. ++ Pair of sea otters. 1"h. ++ Monkey. Signed. 1/2"h. ... [more like this]
  • Twenty-Three-Piece Collection of Carved Oriental
    Figures, consisting of an interesting group of eighteen Japanese carved ivory figural netsukes of Immortals and folk type, a carved bone ojime bead in the form of a Hand ... [more like this]
    include 1) Pair of bears embracing unsigned 1 1/4'' h. 2) Pair of bears playing unsigned 1 3/8'' h. 3) Pair of rats signed 7/'' h. 4) Pair of chickens on top of each other ... [more like this]
  • ASIAN: 20th C. Asian carvings, ivory, bone
    and resin, seventeen pieces including: Chinese card case with intricate bas relief detailing daily life, side panel of cover detached and missing, 3 1/4" h. x 2 1/4" w.; ... [more like this]
  • Group of 6 carved ivory/bone polychrome netsukes. 20th
    century. ++ Kannon figure. 3"h. ++ Three boys playing with a barrel. 2 3/4"h. ++ Two Geisha carrying a litter. 1"h. ++ Two Geisha. 2 1/4"h. ++ Cooper. 2"h. ++ Crouching man. ... [more like this]
  • Group of 5 carved ivory/bone dog and cat
    netsukes. 20th century. ++ Dog with a bee on its back. Signed. 1 1/4"h. ++ Curled cat. Signed. 1 1/2"h. ++ Cat cleaning itself. Signed. 1 1/4"h. ++ Two cats playing. 1"h. ... [more like this]
  • Group of 4 carved ivory/bone fish netsukes. 20th
    century. ++ Pair of fish. 1 1/2"h. ++ Pair of goldfish with pink tint and accented with gold. 1 3/4"diam. ++ Fish with monkeys holding rope. 1 3/4"h. ++ Intertwined upright ... [more like this]
  • Group of 7 carved ivory/bone bird netsukes. 20th
    century. ++ Eagle on skull. 1 1/2"h. ++ Owl with slide out eyes. 2"h. ++ Hen. 1 1/2"h x 1 1/2"w. ++ Swan goose. Signed. 2 1/2"h. ++ Pelican. Signed. 2"h. ++ Duck. Signed. ... [more like this]
  • Group of 4 carved ivory/bone Kappa & turtle
    netsukes. 20th century. ++ Crane on turtle. 2 1/8"h. ++ Small turtle on turtle. 2"w. ++ Fu dog riding turtle. 1"h. ++ Kappa riding clam shell. 1 1/4"h. ... [more like this]
  • Group of 5 carved ivory/bone monkey netsukes. 20th
    century. ++ An octopus hides under a shell while the monkey on top grips one of its tentacles. Signed. 1 3/4"w. ++ Monkey and rabbit. 1 3/4"h. ++ Monkey riding on a turtle. ... [more like this]
  • Group of 9 carved ivory/bone rat netsukes. 20th
    century. ++ 4 rats on a raft. Signed. 1"h x 1 3/4"w. ++ Rat on rope. Signed. 1"h. ++ Crouching rat on rock. Signed. 3 /4"h. ++ Two rats. Signed. 1 1/4"h. ++ Two rats on bok ... [more like this]
  • Group of 9 ivory/bone netsukes with zodiac
    ojime bead. 20th century. ++ Ojime bead intricately carved as a the Chinese zodiac. 1 1/2"diam. ++ Horse surrounded by animals. 1 1/4"h. ++ Two men riding turtle. 1 1/2"h. ... [more like this]
  • Group of 5 figural carved and polychrome
    ivory/bone netsukes of scholars. 20th century. All holding various scholarly elements including staffs, scrolls, and tables. All: 2"h. ... [more like this]
  • Group of 4 figural carved and polychrome
    ivory/bone netsukes. 20th century. ++ Laughing Hotei (Budai) holding rat. 1 1/2"h. ++ Reclining Hotei. 1 1/2"l. ++ Woman standing next to a barrel with an upside down person. ... [more like this]
  • Group of four carved and polychrome ivory/bone
    netsukes. 20th century. ++ Two kabuki actors with rotating faces. 2"h. ++ Single sumo wrestler. 2"h. ++ Two sumo wrestlers facing off with referee. 1 1/2"h. ... [more like this]
  • Group of 6 carved ivory/bone figural netsukes. 20th
    century. ++ Cooper. 2"h. ++ Man selling nuts. 2 1/4"h. ++ Man with fish. 2 1/4"h. ++ Man holding artichoke. 1 3/4"h. ++ Old man. 1 3/4"h. ++ Man with baby. 1 7/8"h. ... [more like this]
  • Group of 7 carved and polychrome ivory/bone
    netsukes. 20th century. ++ Family selling fish. 2 1/8"h. ++ Man with broom. 2"h. ++ Man with basket. 2"h. ++ Man with sack. 2"h. ++ Man with fishing net. 2 1/8"h. ++ Man ... [more like this]
  • Group of 6 carved and tined ivory/bone netsukes. 20th
    century. ++ Man selling masks. Signed. 1 1/2"h. ++ Man with frog. 2". ++ Man with frog on lap. 1 1/2"h. ++ Man with monkey on shoulder. 1 1/2"h. ++ Scholar/elder. 2"h. ++ ... [more like this]

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